Ongoing Maintenance To Ensure Your Website Runs Smoothly!

Making your life easier have our WordPress experts fully manage, protect and enhance your website. Cancel anytime no contracts.

We’ll take care of everything
so you can focus on your business.

24/7 Human Monitoring

Our in house monitoring tools allow us to act instantly if we detect your website is offline, preventing any loss of sales and customers. We also actively look for possible security issues. 

Software Updates

Websites need updating to ensure optimal security and peak performance. Keeping website software current will protect your website and havest new technologies.

Keep Your Website Relevant

Keeping your site fresh is essential, but finding the time can be difficult! Using our innovative feedback tool, you can quickly request a change and our team will handle the hard work for you.

Your time is valuable! That’s why we are here day & night.

Maintaining a website can be an overwhelming task. Security, backups, updates, analytics; these tasks take you away from what you should be doing, which is running your business.

Security Monitoring
✔ Uptime Monitoring
 WordPress Core Updates 
 Theme & Plugin Updates
 Dedicated Support
 Secure Backups

Affordable Pricing

* Limited Small Tasks – This includes a maximum of 2 hours per month, making changes to existing content.
† Hours of development – The amount of custom development per month. (Current rate: £35/ph)

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